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KataCon Europe

The Lean Forum Sweden invites you to KataCon in Sweden, 2024.

KataCon Europe 2024 is happening on December 3rd and 4th in Halmstad, Sweden

A dynamic business landscape means your team need to be dynamic too. Many organizations in Europe are adding scientific-thinking practice to become more efficient, adaptable, and competitive. Come to Halmstad to get an update and learn from peers about how you can take your team to a new level of results in unpredictable times.

• We’ll begin with two study visits:

To start off our exchange we’ll visit two different learning organizations and study how they are establishing continuous improvement as part of everybody’s daily work and developing a more effective way of working toward their goals.

• Then we’ll shift to keynotes from three renowned experts, with follow-on discussion:

Christina Bengtsson (Stockholm School of Economics), Joe Justice (formerly Tesla), and Malik Šišić (Volkswagen) will share their experience on speeding innovation, creating focus on both a personal and organizational level, and practicing and coaching for scientific thinking in a large organization. Your questions will be welcome in the discussion!

• But… talk & discussion are not enough, so then we move into some hands-on practice:

In three hands-on workshops you’ll learn how to practice scientific thinking and coaching skills and bring life to what we discussed. These are things you can take home and start doing on Monday.

Join us for this useful annual gathering filled with insights, learning, and practicing: How to thrive at work, how to become the coach you always wanted to be, how psychological behaviors and your organization’s culture are connected. Whether you’re curious, a beginner, a learner, or a coach, come join your peers in Halmstad.

In the morning you choose between study visits at Rejmes Bil AB and Halmstad Gummifabrik or a transformative workshop about Kata Coaching Dojo.
After lunch we will gathering together for keynotes and reflections.


8.00-12.30 Study visits: Rejmes Bil AB and Halmstad Gummifabrik
You don’t have to miss out on one – we’ll visit both sites.
8.00-12.30 Workshop: Kata Coaching Dojo
Developing World-Class Coaching Skills – How to become the coach you always wanted to be, and your team needs you to be
12.30-13.30 Lunch at Rejme’s lunch restaurant
13.30-14.00 Teach back from the morning sessions
14:00-14:30 Keynote: Practicing and Coaching Scientific Thinking at Volkswagen Sarajevo, and beyondMalik Šišić
14.30-15.00 Coffee and networking
15:00 -15:30 Keynote: The Art of Focus – and what happens with us when we do not focusChristina Bengtsson
15:30 – 16:00 Keynote: Frameworks Rainbow: Pace of Innovation is the Only Thing that Matters in the Long RunJoe Justice
16:00 – 16:45 Panel discussion: Developing the Learning OrganizationChristina Bengtsson, Joe Justice, Johan Häggström, Aslak Iversen, Pia Anhede
16.45-17.00 Reflections and Closing

8.00-12.30 On our second day you choose one of our two workshops:

Workshop: #MobAI, how to thrive at work a little longer while AI takes over all the jobs

with Joe Justice and Tilo Schwarz

Workshop: Achieving Successful Change: A Workshop on Social and Psychological Needs

with Aslak Iversen and Hanna

12.00-13.00 Lunch

The event ends with a joint lunch


The Conference will be held at Rejmes Bil AB, Kristinehedsvägen 1, 302 44 Halmstad. (link to google maps)

If you’re flying in from abroad then Kastrup is the easiest airport with frequent 2hr direct trains to Halmstad.


Day 1: €800

Day 2: €400

Our Partner Event K AB will send you an invoice after your registration.


We suggest the following hotels in Halmstad:

Clarion Collection Hotel Norre Park

Scandic Hallandia

Hotel Mårtenson

Best Western Plus Grand Hotel

Profilhotels Halmstad

KataCon Europe Team

Pia Anhede, pia@anhede.com

Tilo Schwarz, tilo.schwarz@lernzone.com

Joakim Hillberg, joakim@hillberg.com


If you have any questions, please contact: info@leanfoum.se

or any of us on the team, see above

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