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Study visits at Rejmes Bil AB and Halmstad Gummifabrik

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You don’t have to miss out on one – we’ll visit both sites.

Halmstad Gummifabrik is a fantastic example of a Starter Kata implementation that has been running and developing for around 2 years.

Rejmes Bil AB is an organization that, over many years, has embedded practice and coaching of scientific thinking into their processes; from strategy deployment to daily improvements. This mature organization has a unique leadership style where coaching in focus.

Christian Kiks, CEO of Halmstad Gummifabrik and Einar Gudmundson, CEO (and head coach) of Rejmes Bil will take care of us.

Einar Gudmundsson has long years of practical experience as a leader and is a showcase in two of Jeff Liker’s books on successful implementation of lean. Einar is the CEO of Rejmes Personvagnar AB, a Volvo car dealer with 80 employees and 3 sites. Rejmes is a well-developed business system based on lean where continuous improvement and building a learning organization are daily work.
Since Einar was appointed CEO at Rejmes the company has made an unbelievable journey from worse to best in class in a lot of different aspects. Rejmes is now the number one dealer in Sweden in most of the customers surveys that Volvo Cars runs to measure customer satisfaction. We talk about this journey and what the drivers are. The main reason is that management has focused on supporting all the employees in their daily work and Einar as CEO meets and talks with all the 100 employees in three sites every week. There is a huge interest in the revolution at Rejmes and Volvo Cars Sweden has assigned Rejmes to be the benchmark when it comes to customers satisfaction.

Christian Kiks has been involved in Halmstads Gummifabrik since the start of their Lean journey. First as logistics manager and lean manager, then as production manager, COO and then in 2012 as CEO.

Their Lean journey started in 2006, Lean production was introduced for the first time in the company’s history. The goal was to lower costs in the various production facilities and to streamline all our work. It was initially a modest attempt but is now a large part of HGF’s philosophy and DNA. Kata thinking and acting have taken the organization to the next level and built the ability to reach present and future challenges.

Already within 3 years, we had received our first award for our Lean work and there would be more.

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