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Workshop: Kata Coaching Dojo

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Developing World-Class Coaching Skills – How to become the coach you always wanted to be, and your team needs you to be

with Tilo Schwarz

You should be coaching, they say – but nobody helps you to get better at it? The Kata Coaching Dojo provides a sports-like approach where coaches can repeatedly practice a series of specially designed training exercises and role play in a safe offline environment. This setup allows coaches to hone their skills through repeating coaching situations at a much higher frequency than would occur in reality. Experience an approach that has the potential to take your coaching skills to the next level. The Kata Coaching Dojo – where leaders and coaches practice and learn from each other.

Find out more at www.kata-dojo.com.

In this hands-on session, you will …

  • Experience how the Kata Coaching Dojo works.
  • Deliberately practice coaching in a multi round Kata Dojo exercise.
  • Take away several coaching-hacks that you can apply immediately.

Who should attend

  • Anyone enabling and coaching others to master challenges.
  • Managers who want to coach their teams for superior results.
  • Change managers and consultants, looking for a method to train coaches more effectively and scale effective coaching throughout their or their clients’ organization. 

Tilo is an author, founder, and leadership coach helping managers to coach and empower their teams for improvement, adaptiveness, and superior results.

He was a plant manager at a renowned German power-tool manufacturer, where he and his management team started practicing Toyota Kata as part of Mike Rother’s groundbreaking research in 2006. Tilo is co-founder of the Campus for Leaders at the University of Applied Science Ansbach and the author of several books on coaching and Toyota Kata.

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